BNATP instructors are required to complete the Train the Trainer Refresher Program (TTT Refresher) and the Approved Evaluator Skills Refresher (AE Skills Refresher) every five years in accordance with the Illinois Administrative Code 77, Section 395.160 (a)(5).

Determination of the year refreshing is required is based on the YEAR not the MONTH & YEAR of either initial approval, or completion of TTT & AE Skills Refresher Programs. If you are unsure of your approval date, contact IDPH Education and Training Unit or SIUC Nurse Aide Testing Education Coordinator.

Examples:   Approval date of Mar 4, 2013      –Due to refresh in 2018
`                  Approval date of Dec 11, 2013   — Due to refresh in 2018
Approval date of Jan 27, 2014   – Due to refresh in 2019
The TTT Refresher Program must be completed when offered in the Spring semester. The AE Skills Refresher is then completed in the Summer and Fall semesters when offered. Both must be completed to remain as an active BNATP instructor. More information on course offerings is presented later.

Those instructors who have not completed the required refreshers are considered INACTIVE as of December 31st of the year due to refresh. Any BNATP instruction after that date must be repeated by an active BNATP instructor.

NOTE:  If an instructor, due to refresh, does not complete the process during the YEAR they are due, that instructor will need to complete an initial Train the Trainer Program, including the Approved Evaluator Workshop, in its entirety.

TTT REFRESHER:  This IDPH approved online course will be offered at three community college locations statewide.  Registration information and class schedules will be posted in the Refreshers section on the CNA Educators Association website,, beginning in early December for the TTT Refresher Program. Program registration begins in January. This is an online program; therefore, location is not a factor. You will need to have computer access. This program is only offered in the Spring semester.

The TTT Refresher Program is a non-synchronous, work-at-your-pace 2-week course. The instructor is available via email or phone to answer any questions.

  • This course is intended for those instructors due for refresher in January 1 to December 31, 2018. This is the first component of the refresher requirement.
  • Participants must be approved to teach theory, clinical and Alzheimer’s content and be an Approved Evaluator prior to registering for this course.

The courses will be:
#1   03-19-18 thru 03-30-18 at Rend Lake College (Joyce)

#2   04-02-18 thru 04-13-18 at Illinois Valley Comm. Col. (Tammy)

#3   04-30-18 thru 05-11-18 at Harper College (Barbara)

REMINDER:  To enroll in the refresher program, you must be an IDPH approved BNATP instructor with an instructor code at the time of enrollment. If you don’t know your four-digit instructor code, it can be obtained from your Program Coordinator, email IDPH at  or by calling SIUC NAT.

AE SKILLS REFRESHER: Completion of the TTT Refresher is required prior to enrolling in an AE Skills Refresher Program. You will need to present the certificate of completion on the day of the AE Skills Refresher. There is also a Participant Verification Form that is posted with additional information; it is to be signed and brought to the AE Skills Refresher.

AE Skills Refreshers are scheduled in at least three different regions of the state (Northern, Central & Southern) in the Summer and Fall semesters. The number of offerings may vary from 3 to 5 sessions in any given year based on the number of instructors needing the refresher. This is determined after the TTT Refresher Program has concluded for that year.

The schedule will be posted in May of the respective year on the website. Please register for your selected program location early, as seating is limited. Driving to a less conveniently located AE Skills Refresher is a possibility and may be a necessity.

The initial REFRESHER PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT dated 02.2014 can be found at à Coordinators & Instructors à Forms.