Hoopeston Higher Learning: CNA Instructor for our DACC Fall 2019

CNA Instructor for our DACC Hoopeston Higher Learning site.  The position begins in August and is for the Lead CNA Instructor of the College Express class.  College Express is a Mon-Fri class that meets from 12:30-2 daily.  The class is made up of current high school students who come to the DACC Center as part of their school day.   The course is a 7.25 credit hour class (for both Fall and Spring) and pays $700 a credit hour (roughly $5,000 per semester).  There are no benefits other than Part-time Instructors can take 6 college credit classes each semester if they choose.  There is an approximate one-month break between semesters from mid-Dec to mid-Jan. Contact Laura Williams  email:  lwms@dacc.edu   Phone; 217-443-8878