This site is dedicated to the nursing assistant educators in the State of Illinois.

Two CNAs

The functions of the organization shall be to:

  • Identify and analyze issues affecting the practice of CNAs.

  • Promote the quality of basic and continuing education programs for CNAs.

  • Monitor clinical practice issues affecting the direct and indirect patient care activities of CNAs and their impact on educational program.

  • Provide a forum for the exploration and discussion of problems unique to CNA education.

  • Represent and serve as spokespersons for CNA education.

  • Study and evaluate trends and research in education, nursing, and healthcare.

  • Issue statements of position and recommendation to appropriate government bodies.


FROM The STATE MEETING: From Keynote Speaker, Anna Ortigara.
Raise the Floor:   Quality Nursing Home Care Depends on Quality Jobs.
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De-Stress the ‘Refresh’ – Presentation

Effective July 14, 2016, participants must meet the qualifications outlined in the June 2013 Illinois Administrative Code Title 77, Section 395.160 Instructor Requirements AND found in Code of Federal Regulations, Title 42 Section 483.152 (a)(5)(i & ii).
. To see these requirements, click on the following links:

Clarification, as stated by IDPH Education & Training Unit: the one year of RN experience is defined as providing direct care in a nursing home or a certified skilled unit of a hospital.

Please contact Jennifer Kempiners, RN, PSA, IDPH, Education and Training Section at jennifer.kempiners@illinois.gov with questions.

As of December 31, 2015, those Instructors and Evaluators who had completed the original Train the Trainer Course and Evaluator Workshop five or more years prior, were required to complete the Train the Trainer Refresher and Evaluator Refresher in order to maintain an “Active” status as a program instructor and evaluator. See Section 395.160 a) 2) C) of the 77 IL Administrative Code, Part 395.

Those instructors and evaluators who did not complete one or both Refresher courses, if required, as explained above cannot teach in a BNATP until the individual has repeated the entire Train the Trainer course (not Refresher), including the Evaluator Workshop. This restriction in teaching also applies to Approved Evaluators checking manual skills for nurse aides needing to re-certify.

2016: Instructors and Evaluators who completed the original Train the Trainer course and Evaluator Workshop in 2011, must complete Refresher courses in 2016.

  • Instructors have through June 30, 2016 to complete the Train the Trainer Refresher course.
  • Evaluators have through December 31, 2016 to complete the Evaluator Refresher course.  

Remember the Train the Trainer Refresher course is an online course. The Evaluator Refresher course is an approximate 4-hour course, held at Community Colleges throughout the state.

Approved Evaluator Skills Refresher scheduled dates and locations for those instructors who are required to complete the refresher process in 2016 are as follows:
  • October 27, 2016 — Rend Lake College, Mt. Vernon, IL  Course registration information will soon be posted.
  • One more will be added for the end of the year- Keep watching!

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